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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy


Accelerating Worker Ownership

International Centre for Co-operative Management
Greig de Peuter
Gemma de Verteuil
Salome Machaka

Driving Economic Justice: The Public Option

Udayan Tandon

Limited Equity Co-ops and Community Land Trusts

Cooperative Development Foundation

Solidarity Economy 101: The Kola Nut Timebank Story

The Laura Flanders Show

Why Worker Cooperatives?


Tenant Organizing in Unexpected Places


Discussing Labor Weighting in Worker Co-ops

GEO Collective

The Co-op Wars

Twin Cities PBS

The Social and Solidarity Economy Movement

Latin American & Iberian Institute

How to create a debt co-op to take back your student loans

Salish Sea Cooperative Finance
Erika Lundahl
John Beatty

Cooperative Enterprise and Market Economy: Chapter 6

Luis Razeto Migliaro
Matt Noyes

Solidarity Economics

Institute for New Economic Thinking

The Co-op Food System We Need

Half Past Capitalism

People Power Battery Collective


Five Stylized Facts about Producer Organizations & Rural Development

Jorge Sellare
Lisa Jäckering
Goytom Kahsay
Eva-Marie Meemken