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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy


Building Co-ops and Serving the Community

Megan McGee

Disaster Relief, Mutual Aid, and Revolt

Megan McGee

Tax Preparation for Worker Co-ops

US Federation of Worker Cooperatives

Better Time Management in Meetings

Sociocracy For All (SoFA)

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief


Participatory Proposal Writing

Ted Rau

Saving Farmland, Supporting Farmers

David Bollier

Cooperative Conversions & Employee Buyouts

Baltimore Roundtable for Economic Democracy

Cooperation and Chocolate

Agostino Petroni

A New Landscape for Skill-Sharing

Ruby Irene Pratka

Investing in Real Cooperation

GEO Collective

Assessing Feasibility for Homecare Cooperatives


The DisCO Elements

Navigating Emotional Minefields

Laird Schaub

The Basics of Worker Co-ops

John McNamara
Growing Minds

The Art of the Legal Hack

Janelle Orsi
David Bollier

All About Employee Ownership Centers

Matt Cropp
Steve Herrick

A Brief History of the Police

Josh Davis

News from an Abolitionist Future

Malikia Johnson

A Pathway to Meaningful Work for Former Inmates

Ebony Gustave

Esteban Kelly of the USFWC

Democracy At Work

How to Create a Solidarity Enterprise: Unit VII

Luis Razeto Migliaro