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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy


Intro to Cooperative Governance and Management

The Sustainable Economies Law Center

Cuba's New Cooperative Legislation

Democracy At Work

Community Owned Real Estate

Ebony Gustave

What it's Like to Work in a Cooperative Kitchen

Malikia Johnson

Mapping the US Solidarity City

Community Economies Institute

Worker-Led Alternatives in the Global South

Satyavrat Krishnakumar
Amay Korjan

Key Facilitation Skills: Trusting the Force

Laird Schaub

A Failure of Cooperative Governance

International Centre for Co-operative Management

Organizing for Food Justice in a Texas Food Desert

Kevin Richardson

Matt Cropp on Worker Co-op Basics

Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation

Reinventing Commons Governance in Modern Times

David Bollier

Selling Cooperative: The Olympia Food Co-op

Robyn Wagoner

The Growing Democracy Project

Everything Co-op

Covid Couldn’t Stop Worker-Owned Co-ops

The Laura Flanders Show

Guerrilla Translation's Berlin Hierophant Meeting

Timothy McKeon

Fairmondo: Cooperatively Owned Online Marketplace

Ebony Gustave

Credit Unions are Co-ops, Too!

National Farmers Union

Selling to a Worker Coop Over Time

Linda Phillips

Building Cooperative Support Networks

Ebony Gustave