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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

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The P2P Mode of Production

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The Book of Community

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The Book of Abundance

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The Cooperative Man: Arizmendiarrieta's Thought

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Collective Action: Research, Practice and Theory

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Report of the 4th Survey of Recovered Businesses in Argentina

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Scaling Up the Cooperative Movement

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The Long, Strong, Hidden History of the Black Co-op Movement

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Occupy, Connect, Create

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Special Issues

SOLD OUT! Worker Cooperative Development Models
(GEO v2 Issue 8, July 2011).



Including articles by:

  • Jessica Gordon Nembhard, Michael Johnson, Jim Johnson, Len Krimerman, and Ajowa Nzinga Ifateyo
  • Edward W. De Barbieri & Brian Glick
  • Joe Marraffino
  • Vanessa Bransburg
  • Mary Hoyer, Liz Ryder, Frank Adams, John Curl, and Deb Groban Olson
  • The Connecticut Cooperative Business Academy Steering Committee
  • Adam Trott
  • Roy Messing
  • Hilary Abell
  • Margaret Bau





SOLD OUT! Economy of Hope: A Resource Guide to Worker Cooperatives & Support Groups, First edition, 2000.



Please note:While this book is no longer available, two great resources have arisen to replace it. One is the Data Commons Cooperative's - an online directory of the Cooperative and Solidarity Economy of North America. GEO was one of the founding data sources and continues to be involved in this project. Another resource is the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperative's 2008 Democracy at Work directory.

Feature Articles:

Cooperativization as Alternative to Globalizing capitalism.
By Betsy Bowman and Bob Stone, (2004)

Describes conditions under which co-op networks like the one near Mondragon, Spain, could be part of a non-violent replacement of capitalism by economic democracy.


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