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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

The Internet of Ownership Archive

After the first platform cooperativism conference in 2015, I started the Internet of Ownership website (first, then in order to map and keep track of the rapidly growing platform co-op global community. The website included a directory of projects and a library of resources, and it also began hosting blog posts that reflected on the meaning and ends of the platform co-op movement. The project was always sort of a stop-gap, maintained by volunteers, including Devin Balkind and Danny Spitzberg, in addition to me. By 2021, our friends at the Platform Cooperativism Consortium had created a replacement directory and resources archive poised to be more accessible and institutionally sustainable than the Internet of Ownership. So, embracing the art of obsolescence, we decided to close the Internet of Ownership down. We are grateful that GEO has stepped forward to host our blog posts, which shed light on the development of platform cooperativism and related efforts. Indeed, this evolution reflects the respects in which platform cooperativism has become less a phenomenon requiring dedicated spaces and more an aspect of the broader cooperative movement.

—Nathan Schneider (University of Colorado Boulder)


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