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How $12 is Changing The World

Yes, we agree, it’s a short order with a tall claim. We believe we can.



Our 2018 showed 162,000 new page views and 98,000 recent users. This is the change we want to see. It’s happening. Our 2018 results tell us: JUST KEEP IT GOING.



HOW We Do It

GEO is Volunteers (aka the GEO Collective). GEO costs upwards of $20K per year.

Now Featuring: YOU

  • $12, “I care for a year.” (gets your name listed on the website).

  • $24, “I really care for a year.” (gets your name and a link on the website).

  • $36. “I really care a lot for a year.” (gets your name, a link, and an E-book).

  • $50. “Sure, take everything, take my house, my kids, my car, my animals, my favorite pair of old shoes. I give a piece of my whole life to” And we’ll mail the REAL book to you (see below). 



The funds will go to :

• A new mobile-ready website

• More outreach for public sharing

• An improved Search Engine for retrieving GEO Archives

That $50 contribution we mentioned earlier. Okay. Here it is: 

$50 gets your name and link on the website. You get the E-Book or a REAL book mailed to you from Levellers Press, Building Co-operative Power: Stories and strategies from worker co-operatives in the Connecticut River Valley for contributing the Fundraiser.

The paperback version is a $20 value and the e-book, a $10 one.

Seeing is believing 

Our brand new website is easier to read and more mobile-friendly. It also has some new ADA features for the disabled and an improved Search Engine for searching the GEO Archives.

Thank You!



Your contributions to GEO are tax-deductible, so feel free to be generous.  Thank you!