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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Get Involved!

Join the movement! Below are some ways to get involved. If you want to help and don't see something that suits you, drop us a line.


Write for GEO!

Submissions of articles for GEO are always welcome. Please email us a draft and we'll review it for publication. Submissions are encouraged from writers of all skills levels, including writers with English as a second language. Our team of volunteer editors can work with you to craft your draft into a quality, final piece.

Please consider joining the Writer's Network (see below) as well.


Join the GEO Writer's Network.

Do you love to write? Would you like to learn more about efforts to build a democratic economy? Do you want to contribute your skills to the growing solidarity economy movement? Then join the GEO Writer's Network!


We are building a network of writers, interviewers, and researchers who are excited to use their skills to create awareness, plant seeds of inspiration, develop visions and proposals, and provide practical information and resources about the creation of a solidarity economy.


Being a member of the network is as simple as this: we'll put you on the Writer's Network email list (a one-way announce list). The GEO Collective will send out periodic calls for articles and other submissions built around specific "themes" relating to the solidarity economy movement. We'll include ideas about specific article topics, including organizations and projects we're hoping to profile, big questions, challenges or opportunities that a particular theme presents, and possible connections the theme might have to other movements and struggles. Members of the Writer's Network can choose a topic from this annoncement, or propose their own topic around the given theme and then develop an article for publication on the GEO website (and possibly in future theme-oriented print publications). Once you've got your topic, we'll pair you up with a GEO editor who will work with you to get your piece to its final form.


We also encourage members of the Writer's Network to suggest issue themes and to volunteer as issue co-coordinators (creating the issue theme overview, developing article ideas, soliciting & organizing articles) with members of the GEO Collective.


When you join the Network, you have no obligation to write for a particular issue. You choose when you'd like to write and what you'd like to write about. We'll keep in touch, sharing ideas and inspirations, and we'll provide support when you do decide to write.


To join the network, send an email. Please include a short bio (this can be informal, we just want to know a little bit about you), your experiences and/or interests in the realm of "economic democracy" or "solidarity economy" (or whatever term you prefer to use), any ideas you have for what kinds of things you'd like to write about. Also, please attach or include a sample of some writing that you've done.



Graphics Artists, Illustrators and Photographers!

A winning movement is a movement with beautiful art ! We need your graphic design, illustration, comic-drawing, and photographic skills to more effectively document, celebrate and share diverse efforts to build an economy of solidarity, justice and cooperation. Please send us your images and inspirations, or get in touch if you'd like some ideas to get started.
There are no geographic restrictions, you can contribute remotely from anywhere.
Interested? Email us!


Help copyedit news and other submissions about alternative economic organizing activities all over the world: cooperatives, nonprofit businesses, microfinance, ESOPs, participatory democracy, local currency, bartering. Submissions received from writers of all skills levels, some of whom English may be a second language. Work from your computer at home. There are no geographic restrictions, you can contribute remotely from anywhere.
Interested? Email us!


GEO is a non-profit, volunteer-powered organization, sustained by the contributions of our readers and supporters. Please become a GEO Sustainer by making a regular contribution to our efforts!


Participate Through This Website!


- Read articles, share them with friends, family and neighbors, and comment on them.


- Participate in and create new Forum discussions.


- Submit your own content -- articles, links, reviews, etc.


Join the GEO Collective.


We are always excited to have new people join the collective. Our process for this is also somewhat infomal. Most people who join GEO begin by volunteering as a writer, editor or project co-organizer. After getting to know the members of the collective, they become "collective members" by either asking the collective (in which case the collective has a conversation and decides together based on our experiences of working together with the new potential member) or being invited by the collective.


Our criteria for membership are relatively simple. We seek people who:

  • share a commitment to building an economy and society that is just, sustainable and democratic;
  • are non-dogmatic in their political approach (ie- embracing a diversity of tactics, strategies and models, rather than single, one-size-fits-all visions);
  • are commited to anti-oppression practice at both personal and societal levels;
  • are thoughtful and conscientious "cooperators"--who work well with others in a collective process;
  • are willing and excited to share their skills with the collective and with the movements we support;
  • are reliable in their commitments;
  • and are willing to commit to the shared responsibilities of being a collective member
Please email us if you have any questions or would like to join the GEO team!