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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy


Coming Home to Casa di Alice

Post-Soviet Co-ops

Sarah Trent
Khaliun Bayartsogt

Awesome Games Done Right

Toolbox For Education and Social Action

Making, Adapting, Sharing

Morgan Meyer
Alekos Pantazis

The Story of Rise Up!

TESA Collective

Against the Grain

Andrew Gordon

Self-Empowerment Through Cooperative Enterprise

Samantha Greiff

Canning for Change


Worker Owned: In Their Own Words

Tom Chamberlin

Occupy, Resist, Produce - RiMaflo

Dario Azzellini
Oliver Ressler

Steps Towards a New World

Yavor Tarinski

Post-Capitalism Will Be Post-Industrial

Nick Srnicek

Mondragon Diaries: Day Five

Mondragon Diaries: Day Three

Mondragon Diaries: Day Two