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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy


Linlithgow Builds Local Value - Co-operatively

This is a really good and simple explanation of the use of an alternate currency, a credit arrangement, actually, on co-operative principles and structures to revitalize the local economy of a community that is in a country under a New-Liberal Austerity job and social-benefits crunch.

A Big Worker Co-op Victory

This is a two-part story on by Jane Slaughter. It tells the story of the formation of the TRADOC Cooperative that started with a three-year worker's strike and has led to a successful worker co-op. Part two [can be found here](

From Landfill To Power Plant

Mostly, capped landfills remind me of the mausoleums of a consumer society.  For most of a century we dumped our solid waste onto these Mt Trashmores and mixed up a brew of concentrated toxins which seeped into the surrounding areas and often polluted (and still do) our water.  So we learned to treat our waste as a resource, close the landfills, cap them, and leave them idle.  We’re still very primitive about this, but progress is steady.

A Plea for Local Monies

Paul Glover, instigator behinc Ithaca Hours and a passionate spokes-person for local money contributed this overview to A local money or, alternatively, a time-bank, can bring the community together, provide the "money" for local improvement(s), and teaches the participants trust in each other and the community as a whole.

Benkler on Cooperation and Fairness

Yochai Benkler, Co-Director of the Faculty at Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School, talks about his newest book. Video and audio are both available through the page.

April 17, 2013

To Take or To Be Taken


The IV International Gathering “The Economy of the Workers” seeks to explore these and other questions relating to the struggle of the workers from different perspectives and in different national contexts. It seeks to provide a space for discussion and debate using the experiences of worker economic control and self-management as a point of departure, bringing together the perspectives of academics, social activists, and the workers themselves.

Advancing the Development of Worker Cooperatives 2013

The Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy is pleased to announce the Advancing the Development of Worker Cooperatives (ADWC) pre-conference, which will focus on successful inter-cooperative approaches to self-financing and financing within the co-op movement.

Job Opportunity: Manager at a Worker Co-op

Quilted co-op is excited for someone to join their Berkeley office full-time and contribute to our team doing project management, support, and training for our nonprofit, cooperative, and social justice clients..

David Graeber reflects on what is revolution

What is a revolution? For the last 250 years or so, revolutions have consisted above all of planetwide transformations of political common sense, the very grounds of political discussion. French Revolution. Russian Revolution. The 60s. Now.

Anarchism Radio Show

"Horizontal Power Hour, the anarchist radio show produced by The Dream Committee, a consensus-based collective in Middletown, CT, airing on WESU.  Horizontal Power Hour airs on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 4pm EST." Visit their website to listen to archive episodes addressing issues of gender, race, class, and power from a critical, grassroots perspective.

Twin Oaks Communities Conference 2013 to feature the Solidarity & New Economy

Preparations for the 2013 *Twin Oaks Communities Conference are now in full swing!  For those who don't know, Twin Oaks is an income-sharing, egalitarian community located in rural Virginia. We are 95 people living on 450 acres, where we collectively own and manage a number of our own businesses (more at We have hosted this fantastic conference for over 20 of our 45 years of existence. 

The Green Shadow Cabinet

Our colleagues, Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese are Secretary of Health and Attorney General, respecitively.