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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy


May 4, 2013

No Chains


About the No Chains Network of garment industry worker cooperatives.


Climate Change: victory at hand?

John Abrams' condenses Paul Gilding’s argument that there may be a big turn around on the climate change struggle. It begins with,

“There are signs that the climate movement could be on the verge of a remarkable and surprising victory [and perhaps] the fastest and most dramatic economic transformation in history. This would include the removal of the oil, coal and gas industries from the economy in just a few decades and their replacement with new industries.

That Chicago Window Factory Now a Worker Co-op!

The Working World, a solidarity funding organization, announced the opening the New Era Windows Cooperative, which completes the five year struggle to convert the Republic Windows and Doors factory into a worker-owned and worker-controlled business.

The Democracy Now interview with two worker-owners and The Working World president is here along with the transcript.

May 11, 2013


A Review of Gar Alperovitz's "What Now Must We Do?"

This is a mixed review of the book. It is critical of Gar's unwillingness or inability to realistically relate his proposals to the likely response of NeoLiberal elites. However, the reviewer grudgingly agrees that the co-operative initiative is a foundation for non-violent response and a defense against those elites, at a local level.

Social Justice Project Connects Families to Healthy Food and Civic Engagement

The Veggie Mobile Market is an old school bus that runs on used veggie oil and will work with local aggregators to support local growers while simultaneously being able to provide high quality food to low-income communities at affordable prices. The project will also use the bus as a platform for civic enagement and education.

Worker-owned Window Cooperative Opens Its Doors

"After almost a year in preparation, we are very excited to say that today, the New Era Windows Cooperative is opening its doors for business.  The Working World has been an extremely proud partner since day one, providing financing and technical assistance to help bring the cooperative to fruition."

Positive News Reports on Civil Rights Victory for Small Farmers

"To protect small and family farms from industrial factory farming, over a decade ago a handful of Pennsylvania townships stood up to some of the country’s largest agribusiness corporations. Recognizing that the state and federal government, rather than protecting them from factory farms, were in fact forcing them into communities, the townships took the unprecedented step of banning corporate farming within their borders."

Worcester Solidarity and Green Economy Conference

Worcester's Solidarity and Green Economy conference brings together activists, organizers, educators, community leaders, non-profits and other individuals and organizations who are committed to forging more equitable and sustainable ways of organizing our economies and communities. The 3rd annual conference will last three days from August 23-25. This conference will focus on building capacity for cooperators and lay the groundwork for creating a broader solidarity economy throughout Southern New England.

Cooperative HealthCare through Community Self-Insurance

Author Mira Luna asks: "why do we continue to give control over health care and our money away to companies that don't have our interests at heart in a matter that is literally life and death?" And she finds "alternative, community-based models [that] actually work".