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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Solidarity Economy Workshops from Peoples Hub

Introduction to Solidarity Economy Movements

Solidarity economy movements are people-powered forces to protect what matters most, and draw on tools and traditions within many lineages, making them accessible to any community, anywhere. Join us to explore what a solidarity economy movement is, how it works, and ways we can stay oriented to movement-building even as we navigate against the tides of capitalism and oppression.

Participants will leave with….

  • A practical framework for understanding and recognizing solidarity economy movements
  • A deeper understanding for the kinds of attitudes and actions are needed to build solidarity economy movements
  • Inspiration and wisdom from our movement ancestors that can be applied right away


Liberation Culture: Applying Solidarity Economy Principles and Practices

We believe Fannie Lou Hamer: “Nobody is free until everybody is free.” Our commitment to building a Solidarity Economy is about the liberation of all from systems of domination. Join a gentle space to practice applying Solidarity Economy principles and practices that directly support a liberation culture.

Participants will leave with….

  • A deeper understanding of the Solidarity Economy Principles and Practices related to Liberation Culture
  • Access to a unique tool to guide deeper reflection and internal organizing to support your group’s Liberation Culture
  • Connection to a learning community of others who have committed to these principles

Note: Introduction to Solidarity Economy Movements is a prerequisite for this workshop.



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