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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Equinox Woodworks completes transition to a shared ownership business model

The worker cooperative model will allow Todd Kindberg, the selling owner and now one of six worker owners, to share responsibilities and rewards with team members. The new structure allows workers not only to share in the profits, but also to share in the governance and decision making of the business. They will now be part of the board that steers the organization and they are actively working on committees to divide up the work and allow more to be accomplished quicker.

For Equinox, this process began in 2019, when TIC founder Molly Hemstreet did a “Co-op 102 Workshop” in Asheville at Mountain Bizworks. Kindberg attended and saw potential to move forward with his goals.

“From the beginning, when we started the business in 2013, we’ve been inspired by the work of South Mountain Company, an employee-owned design, building, and renewable energy company committed to responsible business practices,” Kindberg said. “When we read ‘The Company We Keep’ by John Abrams, the founder of South Mountain Company, we knew this was what we wanted for Equinox in the long term.”

Read the rest at The News Herald


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