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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Black Farmers Reclaiming Economic Power with Cooperatives

A National Farmers Union Webinar

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November 2, 2020
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Black farmers haven't always had access to the same resources that white farmers have. Government agencies, lending institutions, and businesses discriminated against Black farmers, which deprived them of loans, technical assistance, and other critical support. Rather than struggling in an unfair system, Black farmers decided to reclaim power by creating their own, cooperatively-owned credit unions, supply stores, processing facilities, markets, and farms.

During this 90-minute webinar, we will talk about the history of Black farmer cooperatives, the role they have played in food and economic sovereignty, the challenges they face in the modern economy, and opportunities for growth. There will be time for audience Q&A at the end of the conversation.

Jessica Gordon-Nembhard, Professor of Community Justice and Social Economic Development in the Department of Africana Studies at John Jay College

Terence Courtney, Director of Cooperative Development & Strategic Initiatives at Federation of Southern Cooperatives

Chris Newman, Farmer, Founder of Sylvanaqua Farms

This webinar was recorded on October 27, 2020.


NFU represents family farmers, fishers and ranchers across the country, with formally organized divisions in 33 states. The key to the success and credibility of the organization has been Farmers Union’s grassroots structure in which policy positions are initiated locally. The policy process includes the presentation of resolutions by individuals, followed by possible adoption of the resolutions at the local, state and national levels. Members and staff of the Farmers Union advocate these policy positions nationwide.

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