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Video: New Work and New Culture in Detroit

Frithjof Bergmann, Blair Anderson and John Glazer on Technology, Community, and Economic Independence

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October 15, 2014
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[Editor's note: The New Work New Culture Conference is being held this weekend (Oct. 18-20) in Detroit, MI.  The conference will present a vision of a new economic system that seeks to use innovative technologies to allow people and communities to transition from a culture of job-employment to one of community-employment and production; from a focus on financial enrichment to a focus on human fulfillment and economic independence.  While the "New Work New Culture" vision that Bergmann, Glazer and Anderson present is hugely ambitious in scopeimagining nothing less than a complete transformation of our economic and cultural systems and valuesit provides yet one more refutation to the common contention that "there is no alternative" to our current economic and social arrangements.  For more information on New Work New Culture, visit the NWNC website and the New Work Enterprises Youtube channel.]


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