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The Sociocratic Method

Basics of Meeting Facilitation using Sociocracy

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January 13, 2017
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What makes a sociocratic circle meeting special? First of all, it is the effectiveness. It is how we run meetings, about who is in the room (only those who are directly working on the content), about how we improve and grow together as a team.

This video is a recording of a webinar on facilitation tools and techniques in sociocracy.

Our live webinars involve a Q&A session on facilitation and sociocracy. Find upcoming live webinars here.

Find the decision-making sheet also on our website, both in color and in (printer-friendly) black and white.

Sociocracy For All strives to make more and more high-quality learning materials available. Stay up to date by subscribing to Jerry's channel, signing up for the Sociocracy For All mailing list on our website, and follow us on twitter @sociocracy4all


Go to the Sociocracy / Dynamic Governance Theme Page

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We are a membership organization with more than 120 members worldwide with several language groups and circles on topics like cooperatives, communities, permaculture etc.


Heaven Leigh

Are you looking for a good way to become acquainted with the basics of Sociocracy and how you can improve the quality of your meetings? As a Sociocracy coach, I have gained a lot of experience facilitating online meetings according to the principles of Sociocracy.

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