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The Communes of Rojava

A Model In Societal Self Direction

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August 13, 2018
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An in-depth look into the inner workings of the commune system of Rojava and how they work in practice; I also call for people to form communes throughout North America and the world.

0:00-2:50 Defining the Commune

2:51-5:53 Defense Committee

5:54-11:09 Health Committe

11:10-15:29 Peace and Consensus Committee

15:30-23:40 Economic Committee

23:41-29:21 Education Committee

29:22-37:40 Women's Committee

37:41-44:56 A Call for Communes Everywhere!

Lots of self-criticism on this one: First, I should have mentioned that Rojava is a term no longer officially used their because it is rooted in the Kurdish struggle and is Kurd-centric as a name, but the society is being built as explicitly multi-ethnic so is now called the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria to reflect this diversity. I used the former term because, sadly, it is the word most people know.

Also, my knowledge of Kurdish instrumental music is limited, so I used a couple of songs twice.

This video is far too long. I will probably cut it up and release it in parts, showing each committee in a separate video. I also need a microphone. This took 20+ hours to edit and it still is sub-par as far as video and audio quality go. Criticism accepted and encouraged!

Read about the Internal System of the Communes In Rojava here

Read the Co-operative Contract of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria here.


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