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Worker-Owners on the Joys of Cooperation

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November 11, 2016
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[Editor's note: below are video profiles of three worker cooperatives.  Each of these cooperatives have benefited from Local Enterprise Assistance Fund (LEAF) loans. LEAF’s mission is to promote human and economic development by providing financing and development assistance to cooperatives and social purpose ventures that create and save jobs for low-income people. Since its founding over 30 years ago, LEAF has invested and leveraged over $106 million, resulting in the creation or retention of more than 7,800 jobs.  You can find more information on LEAF's loan programs on their website.]


METIS Construction

METIS Construction Inc. is a Seattle-based design and build company and a worker-owned business.


City Bikes

City Bikes, a worker-owned cooperative, serves Portland's biking community.


The Electric Violin Shop

The Electric Violin Shop is a worker co-op in Durham, NC, offering all things electric.


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