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Touring Western Canada's Co-ops

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December 7, 2018
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[Editor's Note: Co-operatives First has been putting out a great series of short videos featuring the co-ops of Western Canada. As they are each only 2-3 minutes long (and they are not getting nearly the views they deserve on Youtube) we've put the six that have been posted so far all together here. Be sure to check out the Co-operatives First channel for more videos, including some outtakes from the series.]

In the heartland of Turtle Island, a small group of Indigenous designers join in laughter, combine resources and support each other through a shared purpose. Celebrating three years running, this unique designer co-operative helps ensure their voices and cultures are heard and experienced throughout the world.

The Ukrainian Co-op has been creating a unique experience and welcoming space for over 80 years. Best known for their meats and imported goods, the store is more than simply a supermarket. Check out what makes this one of the longest running co-ops in Saskatchewan.

A few years back, a snow storm took out 26 miles of powerlines in the Camrose area. Battle River Co-op battled together with community members to bring power back to every farm and community along the way. Here’s their story.


It’s hard to over emphasize the importance of quality infrastructure for robust economic activity. In rural communities, it can be especially hard to keep and maintain the things needed to attract large businesses. Westlock Terminals is the amazing story of how this community rose to the occasion.


Whether standing in a hemp field or riding down mainstreet on an 8-seater bike, co-ops are making an impact on Dauphin, Manitoba. Check out their story.


Nelson, BC is a small mountain town with an abundance of co-ops. How did the co-op model become so central to this community's economy?


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