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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Co-ops Not Cops Webinar, Nov. 18th

A Conversation on the Impact of Co-ops in Abolition Work

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November 3, 2020
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This is a free on-line event.

Register here




GEO Collective (2020).  Co-ops Not Cops Webinar, Nov. 18th:  A Conversation on the Impact of Co-ops in Abolition Work.  Grassroots Economic Organizing (GEO).


Nicole Fecteau

Coalition building here in Pittsfield MA to create a solidarity economy hub. Apart of a wonderful diverse membership supporting many Latino worker co-op start ups and grassroots food stability/food sovereignty programming. Working with allies to create equity for vulnerable community members. This is a very exciting topic, for sure! Much needed.


This is amazing! Will the recording be sent out afterwards to those who registered? Would love to share this with my network of cooperative legal professionals, if possible!

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