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Horizontalidad: Love and Care as Affective Revolutionary Practice

A Deep Commons Interview with Marina Sitrin

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November 4, 2021
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[Editor's note: In this presentation, activist scholar Marina Sitrin discusses the concept and practice of "horizontalism," drawing on examples from Argentina, Spain, and Greece, among others. She also makes reference to the book Pandemic Solidarity, which she co-edited with Colectiva Sembrar. Excerpts from that book can be found here. You can also listen to an interview with Sitrin and two of the book's co-authors here.]

Marina Sitrin. 'Horizontalidad: Love and Care as Affective Revolutionary Practice'. from Deep Commons on Vimeo.



The Deep Commons collective visioning project brings together activists and scholars from across the world to co-imagine and cultivate ecologies of solidarity and care beyond capitalism, patriarchy, racism and the state.

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