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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

The Strength of Cooperation

A Global Cooperative Ecosystem for a Fair Economy

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August 7, 2017
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It’s time to take control of our lives. Now is the time. We are building a socioeconomic system by the people and for the people, totally decentralized, open, cooperative and managed horizontally by all of its participants and taking all the decisions in assembly form. Meet and participate.

Experience freedom

This is the map of a new way of approaching economics. It is not a theory. It is working

FairCoin is our currency

It is about time we had our own money outside the control of banks and central authority. Making use of the most modern technologies we have created our own fair, incorruptible, unfalsifiable and ecological currency: FairCoin. It has been created in a similar way to Bitcoin and there are now, for ever, 53,000,000 FairCoins, which for the most part, feed a cooperative system designed for the common good.

As the number of FairCoins is limited, our currency is revalued periodically, not by a speculative system but by decisions taken in community in which everyone can participate.

FairCoins are obtained, like any other currency, in exchange for work, goods or services. It is also exchanged for other currencies through GetFaircoin. The currency obtained in this change serve to continue working as a financial tools that benefit the whole community. It also maintain the necessary liquidity to change from FairCoin to other currencies to those who need it.

FairCoin is money. Its value is determined by the community and is never devalued. The successive and necessary revaluations of FairCoin contribute to distribute the wealth in the community that uses the currency. FairCoin is our currency and can also be yours. Join this revolution and be your own bank.

Create your own online store

FairMarket allows you to offer products and services to the world in exchange for FairCoins. Create your store completely free and manage sales efficiently. More and more people join this local (and global) market by creating a powerful economy for 99%.

Accept FairCoin in your business

UseFairCoin is a growing directory of online and physical sites around the world that accept FairCoin. If your company, store or business conforms to the ethical principles that underpin FairCoop, do not stay out of this story.

Financial tools for a new era

FairToEarth is a set of tools to facilitate payments to physical stores in FairCoins. It consists of an application Point of Sale that is installed simply on any mobile with NFC technology and the cards with which customers can pay instantly. FairPay is a modern payment system that has already been experienced in real markets and has begun to be distributed. Each FairPay card works like an electronic wallet that each person can handle from a convenient control panel. FairCoins can be easily changed to Euros and vice versa; including hundreds of ATMs (consult countries).

A cooperative for freedom

FreedomCoop is a cooperative serving people who want to manage their own work without being under the control of banking or state entities. With the tools of the cooperative you have all the necessary means to carry out an autonomous work by billing in the name of the cooperative and benefiting from the services of a legal ethical bank so that they can never block or embargo your accounts nor be subject to the scrutiny of organisms of control. FreedomCoop is a cooperative based on the common good whose purpose is to provide true financial freedom.

Services for the common good

If you want to save in FairCoin there is a service called FairSaving, designed for those who do not want to save it in their own electronic wallets. FairCoin (by not minting more coins) must be revalued frequently and these value increases are always consensual by the community. They do not depend on market fluctuations. Having FairCoin is today one of the safest ways to save and distribute wealth among the user community. FairCoins are also used to fund cooperative and humanitarian projects (FairFunds).

An enthusiastic and cooperative community

All things we do among all people. We are many people building this new economic and social model. Local Nodes are formed by people of a community that are focused on this idea, being open and all decisions are taken between equals. It also functions as exchange offices without commission. Through them, all the people of each locality who have made this project their own, are in contact to share information and give each other mutual support.

The Global Assemblies, in which all the general decisions are made, are carried out frequently through the Internet, mainly through Telegram. There are many groups to consult doubts, to ask or to exchange information, as well as working groups from different areas. Borders no longer have any meaning.

The entry website to get an overview of the whole and find the different ways of contact is FairCoop “Earth’s cooperative ecosystem for a fair economy”.

We can change everything. We’re making it.

To download any logo of the new FairCoop ecosystem, go to this link /logos-id-visual/ ; You will find them in several formats ready to be used;)

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Maro is a member of FairCoop, living in Madrid, Spain.

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