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Keeping Businesses Independent When Family Can't Take Over

Succession Planning for Purchasing Co-ops & Their Members

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March 23, 2018
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Succession planning is an urgent need among an increasing number of businesses, especially as baby boomers near retirement age. Because purchasing cooperatives are an important part of helping their independent business members stay independent, competitive and rooted in their communities, NCBA CLUSA has partnered with Project Equity to better understand the succession challenges of purchasing cooperative member companies, and to assess how employee ownership transitions can help keep these companies independent over the long term. Join NCBA CLUSA, Project Equity and our purchasing cooperative panelists (Stephen K. Irvin from Amicus Solar and Jack Bailey from IDC-USA) to learn more about how purchasing coops and other independent business networks can utilize employee ownership and worker cooperative conversions to help locally-owned businesses stay locally-owned for the long term.

On this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How it works to “convert” a business to a worker cooperative
  • Approaches to financing employee buy-outs
  • Education programs you can implement across your business network
  • General timeline to consider for conversion
  • Cost


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NCBA CLUSA has been promoting, protecting and advancing the cooperative way of doing business in all areas of the economy since 1916. Our members include co-ops in food, farming, insurance, utilities, and service co-ops.

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