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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Global Vision for a Social Solidarity Economy

Convergences and Differences in Concepts, Definitions and Frameworks

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March 25, 2015
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"The Social Solidarity Economy is an alternative to capitalism and other authoritarian, state-dominated economic systems.  In SSE, ordinary people play an active role in shaping all of the dimensions of human life: economic, social, cultural, political, and environmental. SSE exists in all sectors of the economy—production, finance, distribution, exchange, consumption and governance.  It also aims to transform the social and economic system that includes public, private and third sectors...SSE is not only about the poor, but strives to overcome inequalities, which includes all classes of society.  SSE has the ability to take the best practices that exist in our present system (such as efficiency, use of technology and knowledge) and transform them to serve the welfare of the community based on different values and goals."

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