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Developing Cooperatives with Devco

An Interview with Marty Frost

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July 1, 2019
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cross-posted from Each for All: The Cooperative Connection

In this episode of Each For All, we talk to Marty Frost, a prolific member of the co-op sector, Co-operative Developer with Devco, board member at CCEC Credit Union, Aunt Leah’s Foundation, and the British Columbia Co-operative Association. 

Devco is a worker co-op that provides technical assistance to groups who wish to form a cooperative – assistance with structure, incorporation, capitalisation, business planning, director development, membership development, growth and renewal issues, strategic planning, policy development, and all the other issues that new and growing co-ops face in their success. Devco has received the “Distinguished Co-operator” Award from the BC Co-operative Association, and the Worker Co-op Merit Award for Exemplary Contributions to Worker Co-operation was presented to Marty Frost.

We talk to Marty about what a co-op developer does and how he got started in it, what he’s currently involved in, the development scene in Vancouver, and some of his favorite co-op development stories!

This episode first aired on March 24, 2015.


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