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Creating the Internet of Ownership

Mario Liebrenz, Micky Metts and Nathan Schnieder on Cooperative Platforms

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July 29, 2016
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As the online "sharing economy" devolves into poor labor conditions and monopolistic practices, the concept of "platform cooperativism" offers a hopeful vision for a more democratic online economy. This new wave of entrepreneurs, investors, and business developers are merging offline cooperative economics with the Internet in creative ways. We'll discuss how far this emergent movement has come, and explore some of the challenges it faces in the struggle for the future of the online platforms we increasingly depend on.

Mario Liebrenz (Communication Team, FairCoop)
Micky Metts (Activist Hacker – Industry Organizer – Public Speaker – Connector – Visionary, Agaric)
Nathan Schneider (Scholar in residence, University of Colorado Boulder)

Filmed by the Extraenvironmentalists at the New Economy Coalition's CommonBound conference in Buffalo, NY. For more information, visit CommonBound and New Economy Coalition.

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