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Becoming the Change

Sex, Power, Love and Money

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September 11, 2015
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Michael Johnson of GEO talks with Monica Day, a coach, performance artist, and writer with a unique approach to social change. They discuss how gender, race, and power dynamics can be addressed using creativity and alternative forms of expression; how understanding vulnerability as a strength, not a weakness, is a radical act;​ ​and how our emotional and political conundrums around money often obscure the very changes we are seeking to make. ​And finally, how​​ ​play and pleasure might be​ ​​the ​subversive tools​ ​​needed​​ ​for dismantling systems of oppression. Definitely not the usual​ way​​ of​​ ​talking​ ​about social change! But perhaps they should be.


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Co-founded an intentional community in Staten Island, NY in '80, in part an experiential research center in democratic culture...still there 30 years later...immersed in the worker co-op and solidarity economy movements since 2007 with the Valley Alliance of Worker Co-operatives (New England), GEO, and the Community Economies Collective.



United States

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