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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Mira Luna

Mira Luna is the Organizing Director and a writer for Shareable covering grassroots economics. She is a long time social and environmental justice activist, community organizer and journalist, working to develop an alternative economy. She co-founded Bay Area Community Exchange, a regional open source timebank, the San Francisco Really Really Free Market and JASecon, and has served on the board of the San Francisco Community Land Trust and currently serves on the boards of the US Solidarity Economy Network and Data Commons Cooperative. She coordinated the Bay Area Participatory Budgeting Tour, the first Homestead Skillshare Festival in San Francisco, the Festival of Grassroots Economics in Oakland and two workshops for the Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives.

As a certified bodyworker, she had been involved with several low cost or free community healing clinics. She was program coordinator and adjunct faculty for New College's Activism and Social Change program after graduating from its Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Community program with an emphasis in Activism and Social Change. She also completed a BA in Environmental Studies from the University of Oregon. In a previous life, Mira successfully fought a national nuclear waste dump in Texas (her home state) as a community organizer and then state legislative analyst and  helped pass legislation in San Francisco to implement the Precautionary Principle and Sweatfree purchasing. Having studied ecological agriculture and permaculture, she volunteered with community gardening organizations in CA and Mexico. She now believes change starts in your community from the bottom up, in collaboration.