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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy


Tina Jenkins Bell is a freelance journalist who has written for numerous local and national organization publications about economic and community development in addition to the Chicago Tribune, Crain's Chicago Business, Alaska Magazine, Upscale Magazine, Tech Republic, National Safety Council, and others.

Cira Pascual Marquina is a Political Science professor at the Universidad Bolivariana de Venezuela in Caracas. She is also co‐producer and co‐host (with Chris Gilbert) of the Marxist education program Escuela de Cuadros. She is actively engaged with grassroots organizations in Venezuela and abroad, and is dedicated, both as a militant and as an investigator, to communal initiatives. 

Pascual Marquina is co-author of Venezuela, the Present as Struggle: Voices from the Bolivarian Revolution (Monthly Review Press) and co‐compiler of two books: Para qué sirve El Capital: un balance contemporáneo de la obra principal de Karl Marx and ¿Por qué socialismo? Reactivando un debate (both Editorial Trinchera).

The ESOP Podcast invites listeners to hear insights from the best in the world of employee ownership, from lawyers, to valuators, to CEOs, and even employee owners themselves – each bringing their own unique outlook and experience to our ongoing conversation about what makes ESOP participation so valuable to companies!

Frédéric Dufays

Since 2020, Co-op Culture has trained a total of 51 members of co-operative and community businesses to deliver specialist business development support, over three training programmes. These “barefoot practitioners” are already delivering support to new and existing co-operatives and community businesses and have already established new co-operative development bodies or joined existing support providers.

David J. Thompson is president of Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation and co-owner of Neighborhood Partners LLC. He was inducted into the Cooperative Hall of Fame in 2010. Thompson is the author of four books and over 400 articles about affordable housing and cooperatives. During his professional career, Thompson has developed or co-developed housing that is home to over 10,000 people.

The Sydney Southeast Asia Centre is forging Australia’s relationship with one of the world’s fastest growing regions by educating students and building new partnerships with academics and governments based on research excellence. With more than 400 academics across all 11 Southeast Asian countries, the University of Sydney has one of the highest concentrations of regional expertise in the world. From its central position within the University, the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre offers an innovative and engaged approach that reflects the region’s complexity and recognises its importance to Australia’s future.

Tenaya has over two decades of experience in adult education, including work in unions and workers centers as a labor organizer and educator, at City College of San Francisco as an ESL teacher, and teaching social justice classes with incarcerated women. Through this work she has developed a passion for creating educational programs that build on the knowledge that participants bring, and that support working people’s collective agency to have more say in their working conditions and lives. Bay Area organizations she has worked with include the San Francisco Day Labor Project, Young Workers United, HERE Local 2, UAW 2865, and the Choices drug recovery program in the San Mateo County Jail. Tenaya has an MA in Education from UC Berkeley and a doctorate in Education from the University of San Francisco, focusing on the role of popular education in community and labor organizing. Her current projects at LOHP include new partnerships with unions, disaster preparedness training for Spanish-speaking workers, curriculum development for “high road” employers, and health and safety training for school staff.

Miriam Axel-Lute is CEO/editor-in-chief of Shelterforce. She lives in Albany, New York, and is a proud small-city aficionado.

Richard Flyer is a community networking and development specialist whose work is based on spirituality, consciousness, and embodying universal principles and values. He’s been building local community for 40+ years.