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Community of Listeners

March 16, 2016
Body paragraph

(Becoming the Change 6)


I need you all to see and hear me so I can see and hear me better than I could ever do on my own. I need you all to see and hear me in all the different ways you all see and hear.

This is so important for me to become aware of defeating habits, deeply embedded within me, that I am unaware of.

This is so important for me to get beyond my intense attachments to my personal identity, which is forever old as I am always seeing it through my rear-view mirror.

This is so important for me so I can slip through the gaps in my mindview that encloses my mind within the sliver of reality I think I know and understand, but never really do. How else can I learn to see and hear who and what is beyond that sliver which imprisons my mind, a boundless beyond including you and me.

This is so important. Just so, so important. Utterly important to the endless revolution.

We all need this from, through and with each other. We need communities of practice dedicated to finding out how to do this. Communities of faith that convince us through experience we can do this. Communities of hope that inspire and support us to do it. Communities of love that connect us more and more as we do it and fail to do it.

If I could convince myself—viscerally! Oh, so very viscerally—how essential this is for my sanity, and yours, and the world’s, I would blow my wretched mind. And yours. And the world’s.

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