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South End Press: Independent & Collectively-Run

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April 28, 2008
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By Laura Pearson, Is Greater Than 

For some small publishers, the word ?independent? refers specifically to how they?re run: by tiny staffs, out of shared office spaces or spare bedrooms, with limited budgets, without corporate backing. In such cases, ?independent? simply describes presses that are not part of large conglomerates and who have fewer titles and lower print runs (though, it should be said, there?s nothing too simple about it).

For others, ?independent? refers not only to how they?re owned and operated, but also to the content of the books they publish: their decidedly non-mainstream subject matter, progressive authorship, and distinctive voice. One might call such publishers fiercely independent.

South End Press-a collectively run nonprofit book publisher whose slogan is ?Read. Write. Revolt.?-is one of the finest examples (scratch that, the finest example) I?ve encountered of a wholly independent press-and a fierce one at that!...

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