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The Seed

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April 2, 2008
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"The Seed" ("O Sporos" in greek) started in October of 2004, by a small group of politically active people in Athens, Greece, who were interested (but with limited knowledge) in the idea of ?fair trade? and felt solidarity with the Zapatista movement. Some people from the initial group already participated in an active solidarity effort (the School for Chiapas campaign).

While The Seed?s main activity, both economically and politically, remains the distribution of Zapatista coffee, it is not only a Zapatista solidarity project. Taking our strong solidarity with the Zapatista movement for granted, our general aim is to experiment with the practice of ?alternative and solidarity trade? as an active agent for broader social change. In this sense, we are searching for more producers and products to distribute, not only from other countries but Greece as well...

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