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The power of Occupy Wall Street at Lincoln Center Plaza

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December 3, 2011
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OWS "Truth-Force" Obliterates New York Police Department Barricade at Lincoln Center Plaza
Friday 2 December 2011
by: Jayashri Wyatt, Truthout

Last night, I saw the power of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) at Lincoln Center Plaza, a public space that activists were barricaded by the New York Police Department (NYPD) from entering. From behind a police-patrolled barrier, I witnessed the power of the people first hand and had a taste of authentic democratic practice. I also caught a glimpse of the possibility that the burgeoning consciousness of OWS has the potential to unleash across this nation and perhaps the world.

What is this power? It's called Satyagraha. It means "truth-force."...Philip Glass, honored the famous pacifist Gandhi by composing an opera of the same name, which played last night at the Metropolitan Opera in Manhattan.


As "Satyagraha" opera attendees filed out into the Plaza, OWS activists called out and invited them to join them. A small group streamed toward the barrier, forming a circle with opera enthusiasts on one side and OWS activists on the other. In that moment of oneness, there was a shared acknowledgement of the profound values of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr...

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