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Creando Conciencia: A Cooperative Story

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June 1, 2021
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[Editor's note: In 2018, Michaela Fisher wrote about her visit to Creando Conciencia during the course of her year-long co-op world tour. You can read that article here.]

This incredible cooperative is having an impact in reshaping the society by including most marginalized persons and by fostering economical and environmental sustainability. All these aspects are visible in the video where members explained us how they manage to "raise awareness" and how they are building a more sustainable economic model. But all this started in a very specific moment: the Argentinian 2001 crisis.


Header image by Michaela Fisher. is a project dreamt and developed by Andrea and Sara, a married couple who decided to put together their passions and skills and embark on a thrilling experience of a lifetime: traveling around the world for one year, documenting different sorts of cooperatives on all the continents.

The project has also been possible thanks to the partnership with the International Co-operative Alliance and its regional offices. We are very honoured of this collaboration and extremely grateful to all cooperators around the world who will be partnering with us.


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