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The Cooperative Advantage in Home Care Operations

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March 9, 2023
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[Editor's Note: The National Home Care Cooperative Conference is currently going on in Washington DC. While the benefits of the worker cooperative model for home care workers and clients are well-known, less discussed are the benefits for business operations and administration. This session from last year's conference highlights the cooperative advantage for mangers and administrators in home care co-ops.]


Home Care Cooperative managers/administrators wear many hats from HR to trainer, to scheduler and marketer and more! It is a lot to manage. In this session hear from experienced administrators on how they approach time management and boundary setting and prioritization to manage the never-ending to-do list and avoid burnout.

Kippi Waters, Peninsula Homecare Cooperative, Executive Director
Nora Edge, Capital Homecare Cooperative, General Manager

6th Annual National Home Care Conference.


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