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Better Time Management in Meetings

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February 4, 2021
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cross-posted from Sociocracy For All

Struggling with time management in meetings, and curious what sociocracy has to offer? This webinar gives an overview!

Meeting time – sometimes meetings seem to last forever, sometimes time just flies! As a participant, it’s easy to talk for 5 or 10 minutes straight and that can be 1/10 of the meeting used up already. As a facilitator, it’s excruciating to watch the time pass by, but for some, interrupting someone is even more excruciating. In a word, time management in meetings is hard.

In this presentation, we will show all the places where we can improve our time management:

  • Before the meeting: agenda planning
  • During the meeting: how to stay on topic, stick to time agreements, hold people accountable
  • How our organization affects meeting time (e.g. group size, clarity of role and circle domains)

This presentation does not include practice. If you are looking for a class, you can find one here.

About the presenter: Ted Rau, co-founder and staff in Sociocracy For All, and co-author of the sociocracy handbook Many Voices One Song. He offers facilitation classes and coaching.

More info about sociocracy, visit the Sociocracy For All website.


We are a membership organization with more than 120 members worldwide with several language groups and circles on topics like cooperatives, communities, permaculture etc.

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