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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

2021 Worker Co-op Awards Ceremony

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December 30, 2021
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In order to survive and thrive during the pandemic and other crises we currently face, embodying cooperative principles and bridging equity gaps is more important than ever, and as worker-owners we know that means building dignity and solidarity in the workplace.

The USFWC is honored to recognize worker cooperatives and cooperative movement leaders Ward Lumber Worker Cooperative, Boston Cleaning Collective, tilde Language Justice Cooperative, The Drivers Co-op, Action OSH LLC, Union Technology Cooperative, Third Root Community Health Center, Catherine Murcek and Maria Cruz for the outstanding impacts they've made on their own worker-owner teams, across their industries and most importantly on workers and families in their communities across the country.

This session was a part of our program at the virtual conference convening Worker Co-op Week -- find all the recordings and more information at


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En esta ceremonia, como parte de nuestra conferencia virtual, la Semana de las Cooperativas de Trabajadores, hemos reconocido unas cooperativas y cooperativistas extraordinarias quienes están construyendo una cultura de solidaridad y forjando el camino a una recuperación pospandémica justa. Felicitaciones a les ganadores: Ward Lumber Worker Cooperative, tilde Language Justice Cooperative, Union Technology Cooperative, The Drivers Cooperative, Boston Cleaning Collective, Action OSH LLC, Third Root Community Health Center, Maria Cruz, y Catherine Murcek.

Esta sesión fue parte del programa de la Semana de las Cooperativas de Trabajadores -- encuentre todas las grabaciones de las sesiones y más información en


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