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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Crowdfunding Worker Co-ops: 15 Examples

Over $150,000 Raised for Worker Co-ops

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November 2, 2015
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[Editor's note: the following data on worker co-op crowdfunding campaigns was compiled by Jessie Myszka for the Democracy at Work Network (DAWN) from publicly available information.]

PlatformCo-op NameFunds Raised% Funded# of BackersAvg. Contribution
IndiegogoRed Emma's$30,44561%370$82
IndiegogoBlack Coffee Co-op$2,34512%47$50
IndiegogoBlack Bean$58529%17$34
IndiegogoNew Moon Co-op Café$8,70517%148$59
IndiegogoVital Compass$1,81524%31$59
IndiegogoValley Green Feast$5,63947%47$120
IndiegogoLompoc Co-op Jobs$3,22043%38$85
IndiegogoSol Chariots$5,335107%109$49
IndiegogoSimple Diaper & Linen$12,21561%370$82
KickstarterRed Rabbit Co-op Bakery$10,321103%98$105
KickstarterPop-Up Co-op$24,695108%417$59
KickstarterFertile Underground$13,026148%177$74
KickstarterGrowing Our Small World$5,818233%108$54

Total Funds Raised: $150,380

Average Funds Raised: $10,025

Total Number of Backers: 2,148

Average Number of Backers - Indiegogo: 117

Average Number of Backers - Kickstarter: 195

Average Percent Funded - Indiegogo: 58%

Average Percent Funded - Kickstarter: 139%

Overall Average Contribution: $71


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Jessie Myszka is a DAWN-certified Peer Advisor and has been a worker owner at Equal Exchange since 1996. Participating with DAWN’s pilot with Kiva Zip has been a great way to combine her background in Sales (seven years) and Operations (nine years), serving on the board at a consumer grocery cooperative, and volunteering locally with community development for small businesses.

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