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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

A Calendar of Events for the International Year of the Cooperative

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April 12, 2012
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My Co-op Rocks Video Contest

Dates to be announced

A Discussion Course on Cooperatives
Thursdays, March 1–April 19 @ 7–9 p.m. This eight-week Discussion Course on Cooperatives is a group-education tool for people who would like to become familiar with cooperative economics, history, and philosophy. The Course is designed as a tool for Outreach to Co-op Members, to be used to facilitate greater participation in the Co-op community. The discussion format is centered around carefully selected readings made accessible through a concisely planned anthology. The short readings and lively interpersonal discussions make it the ideal learning environment for busy people who would like to maximize their educational experience. Free food will be provided. The class is limited to six participants, so please contact thebigidea+events [at ] to reserve your seat and course readings!


ANSER annual conference
May 29 - June 1
Waterloo, Ontario

Co-Cycle Bike Tour (Cross-country tour San Francisco to Amherst, Massachusetts)
June 1
San Francisco

Economic Democracy & Community Development
June 13
Philadelphia, PA

CCMA Annual Conference
June 14-15
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


90th Dia International de las Cooperativas
June 15
Bilbao, Spain

International Cooperative Research Conference
June 21-23
Wellington, NZ
Abstracts due: February 15

Fourth National Worker Cooperative Conference
June 22-24
Boston, MA

International Day of Co-ops 2012 Cumminty Tour Grand Finale Event
July 7
Portland, ME

International Association for the Economics of Participation: 2012 Conference
July 13-15
Camden, NJ

World Credit Union Conference (“Let’s Gdansk”)
July 15-18
Gdansk, Poland

Purchasing Cooperative Conference
September 10-13
Kansas City, Missouri

The World of Rural Co-operation
September 11-12
Trim Castle, Ireland

Imagine 2012: International Conference on Co-Operative Economics
October 6-8
Quebec City, Canada

Quebec International 2012 Summit of Cooperatives
Oct. 8-11
Quebec City

ICA Expo 2012
Oct. 31-Nov.2
Manchester, UK

Annual Meeting & Co-op Conference
October 2-5, 2012
Red Lion Hotel
Seattle, WA

Purchasing Cooperative Conference
September 10-13, 2012
Kansas City Marriott
Kansas City, MO

CCMA Annual Conference
June 14-16, 2012
Marriott Downtown Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA

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