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Building a Digital Bridge for Blind Computer Users

GEO Podcast #2 - Interview with Lucy Greco on the coopertive effort to create free accessibility software

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May 25, 2016
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This is the second installment of the GEO monthly podcast.  This time, Lucy Greco of the DictationBridge development team tells us about their project to create a free, open-source assistive software tool for blind computer users that has the potential to bring a new level of computer accessibility to many vision-impared people across the world.  This collaborative effort is being supported by 3 Mouse Technology, a worker cooperative, and will provide a free alternative to the currently available commercial products that cost thousands of dollars to buy.  Follow the link below to support this worthy endeavor with a contribution to their IndieGogo campaign.  Enjoy the show!


Support DictationBridge's IndieGogo campaign!

Visit the DictationBridge website

Download the free NVDA screen reader

Download the DictationBridge prototype add-on for NVDA


Go to the GEO front page

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