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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy


The NPIC in the Canadian Environmental Movement

The only national-level groups are Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations (ENGOs). Democracy in member-based groups gave way to grant-dependence. Some groups simply used their top-down structures to mold themselves into the image foundations desired.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: 1. Dru Oja Jay is the founder of the Media Coop network in Canada. He also built GEO's new website and continues to advise on its use and development. 2. NPIC is an acronym for "the nonprofit industrial complex.")

Another Look at the Attack on the Commons

Eerik Wissenz, writing on Dmitry Orlov's valuable ClubOrlov, takes on the relentless push to privatize "The Commons". He points that while the privatizers are always claiming to be saving The Commons from unregulated over-use, privatization for profit motivates owners to over-use the property. Part one is linked above and part two can be read at this link. These are two of four parts, the remainder as yet to come on ClubOrlov.

John Abrams on a Triple Bottom Line business network

Triple Bottom Line (TBL) practice is a fundamentally different kind of commerce that is growing exponentially in the business world.

•  People:  social change & justice, employee well-being, governance, ownership, community involvement, philanthropy, legacy, and service to our clients;

•  Planet:  building performance standards, resilience, company carbon footprints, and environmental restoration;

•  Profits:  financial success and stability, capitalization, sales and marketing, investment.

Paved with Good Intentions

Few institutions embody the image of Canada's international benevolence like non-governmental organizations devoted to development abroad. But do the actions of Canadian NGOs genuinely match this perception?

October 8, 2013

Co-operative Visa Card?

Young Leaders Creating a Life That Counts

The Creating a Life that Counts program will bring together young leaders in the cooperative, sustainability, and social enterprise movements to develop the interpersonal skills and relationships necessary for a career in social justice and transformation.

Regina Community Radio celebrates Co-op Week

Fred Khonje and Jamal Tekleweld of the Saskatchewan Co-operative Association discuss the past, present and future of the co-op movement in Saskatchewan as Regina celebrates Co-op Week.