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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy


David Graeber reflects on what is revolution

What is a revolution? For the last 250 years or so, revolutions have consisted above all of planetwide transformations of political common sense, the very grounds of political discussion. French Revolution. Russian Revolution. The 60s. Now.

Anarchism Radio Show

"Horizontal Power Hour, the anarchist radio show produced by The Dream Committee, a consensus-based collective in Middletown, CT, airing on WESU.  Horizontal Power Hour airs on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 4pm EST." Visit their website to listen to archive episodes addressing issues of gender, race, class, and power from a critical, grassroots perspective.

Twin Oaks Communities Conference 2013 to feature the Solidarity & New Economy

Preparations for the 2013 *Twin Oaks Communities Conference are now in full swing!  For those who don't know, Twin Oaks is an income-sharing, egalitarian community located in rural Virginia. We are 95 people living on 450 acres, where we collectively own and manage a number of our own businesses (more at We have hosted this fantastic conference for over 20 of our 45 years of existence. 

The Green Shadow Cabinet

Our colleagues, Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese are Secretary of Health and Attorney General, respecitively.

May 4, 2013
May 4, 2013

About the No Chains Network of garment industry worker cooperatives.


Climate Change: victory at hand?

John Abrams' condenses Paul Gilding’s argument that there may be a big turn around on the climate change struggle. It begins with,

“There are signs that the climate movement could be on the verge of a remarkable and surprising victory [and perhaps] the fastest and most dramatic economic transformation in history. This would include the removal of the oil, coal and gas industries from the economy in just a few decades and their replacement with new industries.

That Chicago Window Factory Now a Worker Co-op!

The Working World, a solidarity funding organization, announced the opening the New Era Windows Cooperative, which completes the five year struggle to convert the Republic Windows and Doors factory into a worker-owned and worker-controlled business.

The Democracy Now interview with two worker-owners and The Working World president is here along with the transcript.