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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Shernee "Shay" Bellamy

Shernee Bellamy is the 31 year old Co-Owner of Concrete Dreamers, LLC., a full-time Youth Leadership teacher in Gainesville Florida, and in May completed a master's degree in English and Language Arts from Mercyhurst University. She also holds a B.F.A in Theatre, minor degree in Speech Communications, served two years in AmeriCorps, and has over 10 years of experience teaching students K - College. Taking from her personal experiences as a black female who grew up in poverty, Shernee uses Experiential Learning Design to develop innovative lessons for her students at Project Youth Build in Gainesville, Fl. Her well-developed curriculum centers around culturally sensitive issues such as: poverty, trauma, systemic oppression, resiliency, privilege, financial literacy, empathy, and much more.Her passion from theater enhances each lesson using role play and team building. She stands firm in her conviction that this curriculum is best taught by black women. Her goal is to empower more people of color to enter the Education Sector; where our voices are often absent. She envisions herself getting a Ph.D in Educational Leadership so she can educate teacher candidates about best practices when teaching students who are enrolled in schools that are referred to as alternative.


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