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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Shaila Agha

Shaila is director of Grassroots Economics. In 2015, I attended a KIICO conference on trade and development. My angle, to understand the Kenyan economy and the government policies in place to promote technology in Finance. I carried a journal with me, a notepad that I scribbled names in that I should research later. Grassroots Economics was on that list, along with other NGOs and organizations that were on a difficult mission to create a circular economy. In 2020, after five years of working in the humanitarian space, I met Will Ruddick, adamant on wealth redistribution and regenerative economics and began advising the organization. It is an honor to work as a Director along with Will and the Grassroots Economics team in their endeavor to rebalance the inequalities existing in our current economy and empower those who are most in need. To tackle today’s challenges, we need not only new solutions, but new methods at arriving at solutions. Data and data science will be at the forefront at meeting these challenges and to social innovation, humanitarian aid and international development.