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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy


REAS, Network of Networks for the Alternative and Solidarity Economy, is a group of more than 500 entities from smaller territorial and sectoral networks within the Spanish State. REAS was created to offer alternatives to the dehumanization of the economy, the degradation of the environment, and the loss of social values.


The increase in poverty and social inequality, social and economic exclusion, unemployment and precarious work are problems that pose challenges and demand responses. This is why REAS promotes the Solidarity Economy, their instrument for creating a more just, solidarity-based, sustainable and engaged society.


REAS’ main goal is to enable another way to focus and manage the economy. REAS believes that it is time to stop suffering from decisions taken by others and to rise up and put humanity at the core of our economies. Find out more about REAS on their website.