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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Katarzyna Gajewska, PhD

Katarzyna Gajewska, PhD, is an independent scholar, workshop leader, and transformational guide. She has been publishing on alternative economy, non-digital peer production, universal basic income and collective autonomy since 2013 and is mainly interested in psychological and emotional aspects of transition to a postcapitalist society. She interviewed dozens of members of two egalitarian communities (also called communes), rural Acorn community in Virginia, US (consisting of 30 adults and one child at the time of research in 2014) and suburban Kommune Niederkaufungen near Kassel, in Germany (consisting of 60 adults and 20 teens and children in 2016).


You can contact her by e-mail ( or Facebook for public speaking, workshops, consulting, and research collaboration.

Publication list can be found here, for updates and events see here.