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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Darien De Lu

About the author

I've been active for many years in nuclear issues, Central America solidarity, nonviolent direct action, peace, Left organizing, unions and labor, movement song, and some electoral politics.  I continue to be active in Sacramento groups with an international perspective:  SEIU, Sacramento Action for Latin America, and the local Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) branch, maintaining a WILPF presence in the state capital.   For over 20 years I've written and emailed out to "subscribers" a Ballot Guide the the California Propositions, analyzing the statewide ballot measures and recommending positions.


In 1995 my participation in the ambitious International WILPF project of the Peace Train from Helsinki to Beijing and the subsequent International UN Women’s Conference in China inspired and motivated me deeply.  On the train and at the Women's Conference I offered workshops and presentations on the “developing world”, the “debt crisis” of impoverished countires, the full moon, and nonviolent conflict resolution.


My paid work and political careers have continued separately over the last ten years.  My state job as an "analyst" gives me a background in substance use disorders and mental and other public health issues, including homelessness.  With the support and encouragement of others, I've served in various capacities with WILPF US.


In addition to politics,  I enjoy backpacking and camping with my husband, gardening and plants, literature, cultural diversity, speaking foreign languages and traveling, earth-based spirituality, bicycling, “folk” singing, good governance and process, critters (especially cats), being a union steward, and general wonderment at the natural world.  My husband, Louis, and I make wonderful dinners together.


Going to Cuba in 2016 to study co-operatives revived my interest in alternative economic structures, an area I hope to study more.  I seek to contribute to a world with social, economic, and political structures that support a more localized, sustainable, and relationship-based world of peace, justice, radical democracy, and excellent education.  Need I add environmental biodiversity?  I also advocate for joy and play -- and singing, lots of singing!


I can be reached at