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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Aurora DeMarco

Aurora DeMarco has over 30 years of community organizing experience.She has written and published on various topics including health care; child care; migrant workers; parenting; women's issues and cyberbullying.  She has worked with senior advocates pushing for Health Care for All ,  This  coalition was successful in helping to pass a single-payer bill through the NYS Assembly.  Aurora is a Licensed Massage Therapist with a specialty in working with Trauma Survivors.  Aurora has worked as a Grief Counselor for Hospice of New York.  She developed and presented workshops on working  with trauma survivors in hospice settings. She most recently facilitated a workshop on providing elder and hospice care in intentional communities.  She lives in an intentional community on Staten Island, New York and is working with Point A a collective dedicated to building more intentional income-sharing, egalitarian urban communities.