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Yes, Something Significantly New May be Happening

October 4, 2011
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Below is the most interesting piece I have read on #Occupy Wall Street. If this is a good reading of what this event is about, then it is indeed something new, something that is calling for us to think really big and really long term. It is what I think Solidarity Economics should be all about.

For example:

But the "one demand" that matters most is directed at our society, not our policymakers, and it's much more fundamental than these excellent ideas. The demand is this: "Come back to sanity." That's the underlying demand that unifies all those items on the #OccupyWallSt website. Our culture is insane today, and they recognize that. Create a transactions tax, and they'll simply rob us another way - until we restore our society to sanity. 

Check out the whole piece.


Here's Occupy Wall Street's "One Demand": Sanity

Richard (RJ) Eskow

Even the sympathizers don't always get it. I'm sure I get a lot of things wrong too, but here's one thing I do understand: Change doesn't begin with policy. It begins with perception. And you don't change things by asking. You change them by acting. But it begins with perception. ?All money is a matter of belief,' as someone once said. In the New York Times, Nick Kristof shows that he understands the #OccupyWallStreet movement more than most of his peers.

 Read the whole piece here

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