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Three Cheers for the 60s

January 7, 2014
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We did some crazy stuff in the 60s, but here's one for the books:

Burglars Who Took On F.B.I. Abandon Shadows

Special attibution: The Retro Report video with this article is the 24th in a documentary series presented by The New York Times. The video project was started with a grant from Christopher Buck. Retro Report has a staff of 13 journalists and 10 contributors led by Kyra Darnton, a former “60 Minutes” producer. It is a nonprofit video news organization that aims to provide a thoughtful counterweight to today’s 24/7 news cycle.


[Editor's note: Democracy Now! also did a report on this story.  You can see their coverage here:

It Was Time to Do More Than Protest: Activists Admit to 1971 FBI Burglary That Exposed COINTELPRO ]

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