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#OCWS links--Oct 11

October 12, 2011
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In a rather devastating portrait of the current Democratic party as an institution, Michael Lind shows why it cannot represent nor co-opt a genuine populist movement. Steve Horn, in a rather devastating portrait of the Liberal class driving the Democratic Party, shows how they have no other way to relate to the #OWS movement except in terms of co-opting it for the 2012 elections.

Democrats can't occupy Wall Street
Six reasons why Obama's party can't go populist
Oct 11, 2011
Today's plutocratic America could use a populist movement of the center-left, comparable to the coalition of workers and farmers and radicalized professionals who provided the backbone of the New Deal Democrats. But the prospects are remote that any genuine populism of the left will come from a party funded by Wall Street that finds its core constituencies among upper-middle-class professionals and public sector workers and reaches out to minorities on the basis of narrowly tailored patronage policies targeting particular groups. A Democratic Party that channeled popular anger for constructive liberal purposes would look and sound very different from the Democratic Party of today.

MoveOn.Org and Friends Attempt to Co-Opt Occupy Wall Street Movement
by: Steve Horn, Truthout
Tuesday 11 October 2011

The Democratic Party vultures are waiting to swoop in, steal the thunder and then make sure the focus is on electing Democrats, who are just as much to blame as Republicans for the ascendancy of Wall Street. If anything, they are even more to blame for the pacification role they play in co-opting the overwhelming swath of the left time and time again, no matter what horrible policies they pass.


Interesting Commentaries

Straight Out of Antiquity
By James Kwak, Baseline Scenario

Michael: some interesting reflections on the poitnant content of the We are the 99 Percent tumblr.


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