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This Way Out

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November 21, 2010
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This Way Out
A step-by-step DVD on starting a workers cooperative

19 November 2010
To Cooperative members
Re:Step-by-step instructional DVD's on starting Workers & Housing

Greetings Cooperative members,

I am writing to ask for your help regarding my project, "This Way Out," a step-by-step DVD on starting a workers cooperative. This will be followed by a similar how-to DVD on starting a housing cooperative. I am asking for cooperative members to share their steps, expertise and experiences on camera, preferably on-location at the cooperatives.  I assure you that I understand that schedules are tight, but I do work quickly and would organize and schedule the filming around your needs.

The DVD's will cover initial organizing; types of cooperative models and their legal structures; models of by-laws and legal issues; financing options (including financial vocabulary and preparing for interacting with financial institutions);  creating protocols for disputes and conflicts; and profiles of diverse cooperatives. Participating cooperatives might chose to speak on one topic in particular, to all, or to some.

While there will be interviews with coop-savvy attorneys, real estate and financial experts,  my plan is to avoid the "talking head" approach and interview cooperative members themselves in cooperative spaces and businesses discussing the creation-of-a-cooperative process in an
accessible and personable way.

I believe that this DVD is a timely and vitally needed tool for organizing cooperatives in the current economic and political climate.  The aim is to disseminate this information widely, create as many  cooperatives as possible, and to raise awareness of existing cooperatives.   Part of the project will also include auxiliary videos of interest to the cooperative movement posted on my YouTube site (

While there is some excellent information available online on starting cooperatives, not everyone has access to high speed Internet.   DVD's are an excellent outreach resource: cheap, portable and can be played, paused and reviewed by individuals and groups anywhere from a street corner or bar to a community center or auditorium.

I have ten years of experience producing, shooting, editing and authoring DVD's.  The primary fund raising site to cover production costs for this project is

I would also greatly appreciate any endorsements of this project for the trailer that is part of the pitch for

Please contact me if you are interested.

In Solidarity,

Jai Jai  Noire                                      



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